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And Then There's That...A Multigenerational Conversation
Category: Society & Culture
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by Katie Wilson
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March 13, 2017 05:51 AM PDT

Kaitlin and Katie dive in quickly today sharing some of their "God Winks" through the years. They share the comforting ways God has shown up during the death of loved ones and the unexpected ways He has surprised them on any given ordinary day. They had a hard time holding back tears. You may want the tissue close.

A godwink is what some people would call a coincidence, an answered prayer, or simply an experience where you'd say, "Wow, what are the odds of that!" SQuire Rushnell, author of "When God Winks"



The hope behind this podcast is that it will encourage listeners to start looking for the God Winks in their own lives. When we look back and see how God has shown up, it builds our faith and reminds us of His unwavering faithfulness and extravagant love.

The heart behind this podcast is to inspire listeners to connect with the generations that have gone before them and that are coming behind. We have so much to glean from one another as we grow alongside each other. May we be ever learning and exceptionally generous with our lives. #bettertogether

Keep up with Kaitlin and Katie on their blogs at:



Other resources referenced in todays conversation:

Bill Hybels: https://www.amazon.com/Power-Whisper-Hearing-Having-Respond/dp/031031822X

Jeremy Cowart: http://faith-and-life.org/lectures/2016-2017/faith-image-social-media-activism-and-empowerment


Intro music Deanna Wood: https://www.facebook.com/OurCityOnaHill/

March 04, 2017 01:06 PM PST

Kaitlin and Katie are back on the couch, with coffee in hand, ready to chat your socks off. This week they are savoring and sharing the treasures they are mining in Ann Voskamp's, "The Broken Way"

Engagement, marriage, anniversaries and relationships lend themselves to the beauty found in brokenness. Kaitlin shares her take-aways from a recent marriage conference she attended at their church, Church of the Highlands,

Jimmy Evans was the speaker, who encouraged couples at every stage of their relationship to lay their own way down and live for the life of the other; selflessness is the key to a love that lasts. **You can find more about Jimmy Evan's marriage ministry at

Although a generation apart, Kaitlin and Katie find common ground in the broken places. Walking alongside one another, their transparent conversations are living proof that leaning into and sharing our brokenness is the path to the abundant life.

Kaitlin recently gave a surprise 25th anniversary party for her parents; she shares her family story and their keys to a love that lasts, golden nuggets you will not want to miss.

They wrap up with a lightning round of random word association, from a Buzzfeed personality test.

The hope behind these talks is that will entertain and encourage you and that you will leave inspired to connect with the generations that have gone before and are coming behind. We need each other and we are most definitely #bettertogether.

**Intro and Outro music: Huge shout out for local singer/songwriter and author, Deanna Wood, who wrote and sings the song “No More Secrets” for the community site, http://www.ourcityonahill.net.

Below are links to the full song, as well as Deanna’s testimony, as shared with Our City.

Deanna is also the author of “Unintended Target”, a Christian mystery and suspense novel. Check it out here:

Connect with D.L. Wood on Twitter:

“No More Secrets” by Deanna Wood https://www.facebook.com/OurCityOnaHill/videos/567070513430438/

“I Will Rejoice” by Deanna Wood

February 20, 2017 05:35 AM PST

Beginning today with a huge shout out for local singer/songwriter and author, Deanna Wood, who wrote and sings the song "No More Secrets" for the community site, Ourcityonahill.net. Below are links to the full song, as well as Deanna's testimony as shared with Our City. Deanna is also the author of "Unintended Target", a Christian mystery and suspense novel. Check it out here:



"No More Secrets" by Deanna Wood https://www.facebook.com/OurCityOnaHill/videos/567070513430438/

"I Will Rejoice" by Deanna Wood

Kaitlin and Katie have another great morning chatting over coffee and inviting you into their conversation. "Stop and smell the wildflowers" is a topic that came from a recent excursion Kaitlin and her fiancé had. It is a celebration of the spontaneous moments in life and the importance of not missing the sacred sidelines "on the way".


"Enjoy a great meal in our hippie-chic dining areas while being entertained by talented ​local musicians! The Wildflower Café's dedicated staff treats you like family and is committed to providing you with an enjoyable dining experience."

Life is a journey, a long windy road, you might even think you are lost when you start out, it will be exhausting at times SO make sure you take the time to pull over! Life is so much more than just "trying to get there."

Check out Naomi's blog as she shares her stories of faith, courage and adventure along the Appalachian Trail and wherever God chooses to take her!


Kaitlin and Katie share some "good reads" as well:

"Wild" by Cheryl Strayed http://www.cherylstrayed.com/wild_108676.htm
One woman's story of finding healing in the "hike."

Katie shares her new reading plan:
Keeping a non-fiction, fiction and craft(as in books on writing or creativity) book going at all times.
Her "good reads" for now are:

"Beautiful Outlaw" by John Eldredge (non-fiction)

"How to Write Short" by Roy Peter Clark (craft)

"Stories of Art and Artists" -Everyman's Pocket Classic (fiction)

Additional books mentioned and ones you "gotta get that":

http://lovelivesherebook.com (Maria Goff)


Katie also shares a podcast, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, that she listens to regularly and an interview you will not want to miss with Julie Manning:


Katie adds a couple of words to her vocabulary tool box and generously shares them. Her "interesting word search" stemmed
From "How to Write Short": Clark shares the writing short secret of the "effect of a single elegant word- a grace note- in an otherwise straightforward composition."

Definition of xenophobe
one unduly fearful of what is foreign and especially of people of foreign origin
(used in a sentence: America began as a melting pot of immigrants but appears to be turning into a crock pot of xenophobes.)

Definition of marginalia:
marginal notes or embellishments (as in a book)

"Marginalia" was the perfect bow to wrap up their conversation. Leaving margin means we leave room to take notes, to notice, to stop and smell the wildflowers!

As always, the hope behind this podcast is that it will encourage, maybe make you laugh, cry, and relate, and then go out and start a conversation of your own with someone from a different generation. We need each other; we have much to glean from one another and we are most definitely #bettertogether!

February 10, 2017 12:31 PM PST

Kaitlin and Katie dive straight into the deep water as they discuss the idea that "God does not have a plan for our lives" but He does have Kingdom purpose and that is a different outlook altogether.

Another way it's been put: God is not in control BUT HE IS IN CHARGE! (Thank you Bill Johnson, Bethel Church!)

How do we picture God?

Donald Miller paints a beautiful word picture of how he sees God, one that resonated with Kaitlin and Katie and it might with you, as well:

"I see a dad sitting down next to a giant piece of butcher paper. Next to him is his daughter and a box of crayons. I see God wanting to do something with us, wanting to create and imagine. I see Him letting us have control of our will and our desires and I see HIM bonding with you as the two of you create a new and better world to live in." ~ StoryLine, Donald Miller

Their conversation celebrates the power of story and challenges us to delve into what makes a meaningful life.

"People who have noble ambitions live inspiring lives. Martin Luther King wanted racial equality and Mother Teresa wanted dignity for the marginalized... What we want matters." ~StoryLine, Donald Miller

What are our noble ambitions?

Are we writing a story with our lives that is moving in that direction? If not, are we brave enough to start?

Storyline is an amazing process that helps us gain mental clarity to start or continue writing a personal life story that is meaningful.

Also included in the links below is the StoryBrand Productivity Schedule that Kaitlin and Katie discuss. Take the time to check out the link and download the free resource today!

Inspired by Donald Miller's "StoryLine: Finding Your Subplot in God's Story"


Check out these Donald Miller Resources as well:



A link to Donald Miller's podcast https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/25-storybrand-productivity/id1092751338?i=1000379517814&mt=2

(pick the worksheet on Ep.25: StoryBrand Productivity Schedule)

February 01, 2017 02:23 PM PST

Kaitlin and Katie invite you into their latest conversation about "The Woman at the Well" and how "She is me!"

When we grasp even the tiniest hem of the grace we have freely received, we are able to see ourselves in everyone's story. It is in recognizing "She is Me" that we are able to extend the grace we didn't earn but gratefully receive and then generously lavish it upon others.

This timeless meeting between Jesus and a woman whom society deemed defiled draws our hearts to encounter Christ for ourselves. The Samaritan woman's story is all of our stories. Jesus came and leveled the playing field, extending hope and grace to ALL.
Those who look to the Lord are radiant. Their faces are never covered IN disgrace. They are covered OVER IN grace!

Kaitlin and Katie share snapshots from their lives thus far and their appreciation for a Savior that calls them, us, "Sought After", a Savior who still meets us at our "wells", lifts up our gaze and in an instant makes us brand new, sending us back out into the world with heads held high, saying,

"Come meet a Man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah?"

How we answer that question for ourselves changes everything.
We know how "SHE" answered.

How do we?

May you sift out the gold from this conversation and let the rest fall by the waysidesmiley

The hope behind GENTalks is that you will leave hugged, encouraged and excited about sitting down with someone from another generation to have a conversation, learning from and loving one another well!

Links to resources mentioned in this episode:


"Unlocking Belief is a chronological journey through Jesus' life and ministry, stopping along the way to answer timeless questions Jesus asks..." by Suzanne W. Matthews


GENTalks is a Cross-generational conversation. Kaitlin (24) and I (Katie, 47) are bridge building, as they talk about culture, relationships, creativity, faith, life, and pretty much everything from two different generational perspectives. The heart behind this podcast is to highlight our need for one another and how we are all #bettertogether!


Kaitlin and Katie agreed that if this podcast was ever going to actually happen, it would have to be relatively spontaneous and pretty much uneditedsmiley
They are taking the journey alongside one another and you. It is messy at times but real and completely unscripted. They collectively decide on a topic and then they are basically plopping down on the couch to unwind and catch up, taking you along for the ride.

47 and 24 really do have so much to learn from and love about one another! What ages can you fill in?

They would love your feedback and would love to know some of your answers to the lightening round questions. This is community and Lord knows we need each other!

A Link to Katie's blog, where she keeps a link to GENTalks:

January 29, 2017 07:15 PM PST

Join in Katie and Kaitlin's conversation about the many ways GOD's plans trump their own plans every time!

The heartbeat behind each of these conversations is to encourage, share each other's joy and pain and inspire others to connect with the generations around them. We are #bettertogether!

Sift out the gold; go to the Love Story of God's Word as your litmus test for Truth and if anything offends at all, PLEASE KNOW that to offend or make a "point" is never the point! May these conversations POINT to the love and TRUTH of Christ lived out in loving ALL OTHERS WELL!

May we continue to join together in circling the outgoing and incoming White House administration in prayer!

To God Be All The Glory

Links to resources mentioned in GENTalks: Episode 11: HE Trumps Me :

Kaitlin's Blog post "Wait! There's More..." : https://kaitlinbrookechappell.wordpress.com/2017/01/12/wait-theres-more/

John and Lisa Bevere

Brian and Bobbie Houston: Hillsong Church

Ourcityonahill.net -http://www.ourcityonahill.net/wait-theres-more-by-kaitlin-chappell/

Joni and Friends:





January 18, 2017 08:16 PM PST

Episode 10 *** We are officially branded and blended by the very talented


ushering in and closing out our GENTalks conversations!
Thank you 2mindzbeatz for helping us bridge the generational gap with your brilliant beats!

Kaitlin and Katie open up the new year by discussing the topic of choosing "one word" as a focus for 2017 instead of making countless New Year's Resolutions.

Check out the resource http://myoneword.org for more on the process of choosing #myoneword. Kaitlin's #myoneword is #focus and Katie wrote about her one word, #harvest, in one of her latest blog posts at


Kaitlin and Katie also borrowed some lightening round questions from https://storycorps.org , a site you will not want to miss!

Also check out https://www.churchofthehighlands.com where Kaitlin and Katie are participating in #21daysofprayerandfasting

The hope and heart behind GENTalks is that it will encourage you to connect with another generation and start a conversation! #bettertogether

January 18, 2017 02:06 PM PST

Kaitlin and Katie open up the new year by discussing the topic of choosing "one word" as a focus for 2017 instead of making countless New Year's Resolutions.

Check out the resource http://myoneword.org for more on the process of choosing #myoneword. Kaitlin's #myoneword is #focus and Katie wrote about her one word, #harvest, in one of her latest blog posts at


Kaitlin and Katie also borrowed some lightening round questions from https://storycorps.org , a site you will not want to miss!

Also check out https://www.churchofthehighlands.com where Kaitlin and Katie are participating in #21daysofprayerandfasting

The hope and heart behind GENTalks is that it will encourage you to connect with another generation and start a conversation! #bettertogether

The new podcast tunes are being mixed by the very talented https://soundcloud.com/2mindzbeatz and will be ushering in and closing out all GENTalks conversations very soon.

December 22, 2016 06:39 AM PST

Kaitlin and Katie close out the year in episode 9 discussing the "gift of presence" in order to remind themselves and others of the real reason for the season.

Christmas is the day Jesus came to provide our way back to the Father. HE gave us the greatest gift of presence so that we could be present with HIM forever!

Being present, not perfect, is our aim in relationships here on earth. Kaitlin shared her struggle to enjoy the present moment at times caught up in efforts to get the perfect gift or prepare for the next thing. The struggle is real for most of us and Kaitlin generously gives us the gift of "me too" as she shares candidly from the heart. She referenced Shauna Niequist's book "Present Over Perfect" -


- a great gift for anyone this Christmas Season. Buying this gift for herself was a beautiful reminder that our relationships with God and others are the most important things and by investing in herself she is actually blessing the people around her.

Katie shared a story from the Colour Conference she attended several years ago about being present "on the way." Our journey is the destination! (Colour Conference is a Hillsong women's gathering, one you don't want to miss if you can make it to Sydney, Australia. Definitely one for the "bucket list" and you will most definitely return with your cup overflowing - check out the conference details here - http://hillsong.com/colour/

Katie also shared a YouTube channel her son was listening to while she was writing just that morning. She almost told him to shut down the distraction but when she heard Christopher Duffley singing "Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord" -


- she knew God was speaking a "be present" message to her that she thankfully did not miss!

Katie and Kaitlin finish out the 2016 year with the best gift they have ever received, that cost nothing, or next to nothing and their favorite New Year's Eve memories from childhood.

A huge THANK YOU once again, to the musical talent behind the Holiday blend at the beginning and end of the podcast:

"2mindz is a Hip-Hop producer of good vibes, looking to work with serious minded artist to spread good music out to the world."

For Beats: 2mindzz@gmail.com

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from GENTalks. May you go into 2017 inspired to link up with someone from another generation in order to glean from and grow alongside one another! #bettertogether

December 12, 2016 09:00 PM PST

In Episode 8 Kaitlin and Katie have their first interview and it is live and local! Toya Poplar is the epitome of "Open-book living!" She is the author of "Stop Write There" (http://stopwritethere.com) "...an interactive journal that prompts you to probe your heart before and during the creative process. Whether you are a seasoned writer, aspiring author, avid Journaler, or a Pastor who would like to publish past sermons; if you are a lover of words and a lover of The Word, Stop Write There is the book for you!"
This is also the first episode with their new intro and exit jingle by 2mindz, A Hip-Hop producer of good vibez. Also looking to work with serious minded artist to spread good music out to the world.
For Beats: 2mindzz@gmail.com

2mindz will be working alongside Kaitlin and Katie to keep the beat fresh. Stay tuned-in for future episodes, where the generations continue to come together, blended, old school and new school swag, in melodies and conversations!

**You will also want to check out Melvin Poplar, Toya's husband and Christian Rap artist, at http://www.proverbalist.com Amazing talent from and for The King of Kings!

Toya Poplar is not only an author, but she is a talented photographer as well. Check out her photos at , www.poplartreeoflife.com !

Toya, like Kaitlin and Katie, has a heart to see the dividing lines fall, differences celebrated and truth proclaimed unapologetically. She, and local food artist, April Boddie, started "S.O.S: Save Our Sons" http://www.saveoursonshuntsville.com Two Jesus loving, son loving, mamas saying, "We have to do SOMETHING to educate our sons about police pull over conduct." Together these brave women planned and hosted a dinner and dialogue in which black men spoke into the lives of black youth ranging from ages 14-18. The dialogue is still going and "the walls are a tumbling down!" Toya and April consider themselves "Change Agents" who aren't afraid to talk about uncomfortable topics. Their only fear is of what will happen if we don't begin to discuss those things that divide us!
**Kaitlin and Katie echo this heart beat!

And last but not least, Toya discusses a blog series she is in right now called, "40 Days Until 40"- https://stopwritethere.wordpress.com Check it out and be blessed!

The interview concludes with the customary lightening round, but Toya Poplar is in the hot seat! It is a hoot you will not want to miss so we hope you stick around until the very end. You won't be sorrysmiley

Kaitlin and Katie love feedback so please leave a review. Their prayer is that they add value to your world and encourage you to reach across dividing lines, whether it be generational, racial, religious, geographical, socio-economic, etc... and just love well, gleaning from and growing together!
Let us know if you have any questions or if we left out any info from this episode.

Keep up with Katie on her blog at https://psalm8110.com

and Kaitlin, on her blog at https://kaitlinbrookechappell.wordpress.com

Merry Christmas and Peace Out

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